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Banned In Pakistan, YouTube ban means digital industry ban 2 days ago · Banned In Pakistan, After initially banning and now un-banning PUBG, the court objected to unregulated content on social media, particularly comments regarding the judiciary, armed forces and the government on YouTube. Internet censorship in Pakistan - Wikipedia On 19 and 20 May 2010, Pakistan's Telecommunication Authority PTA imposed a ban on Wikipedia, YouTube, Flickr, and Facebook in response to a competition entitled Everybody Draw Mohammed Day on Facebook, in a bid to contain "blasphemous" material The ban imposed on Facebook was the result of a ruling by the Lahore High Court, while the ban on Should YouTube be banned? | Pakistan Today 2 days ago · Nowadays, Supreme Court is hinting to ban YouTube in Pakistan due to secretarian crime committed by Shaukat Ali. But every picture has two sides. … YouTube to be banned in Pakistan. * OneToAll

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Best performing YouTube Channels in Pakistan – The new era But Pakistan has had its share of issues with social media before. Remember when Pakistan Telecommunication Authority had blocked YouTube in 2008 because of “non-Islamic objectionable videos”? Also, in 2010 it had banned Facebook for popularizing “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”. (Eventually, it had to lift the ban in two weeks though!)

YouTube to remain blocked 'indefinitely' in Pakistan

Pakistan unblocks access to YouTube - BBC News Jan 18, 2016 Reasons why YouTube should not be Banned in Pakistan