We are having trouble accessing DFS shares over VPN

Juniper | Pulse Secure Jan 01, 2020 What ports are used by your VPN service? - Knowledgebase In order to connect to our service using one of the VPN methods we provide, please verify you can connect over these ports: For Our Stable Client: UDP ports 1194, 8080, 9201 and 53; TCP ports 443, 110, and 80; For OpenVPN: UDP ports 1194, 1197, 1198, 8080, 9201 and 53 ; TCP ports 502, 501, 443, 110, and 80; L2TP uses: UDP ports 500, 1701, and

Juniper SSG Firewall and VPN Devices Support Firm

NAT Traversal tutorial - IPSec over NAT - VPN, Spam, Firewall Three ports in particular must be open on the device that is doing NAT for your VPN to work correctly. These are UDP port 4500 (used for NAT traversal), UDP port 500 (used for IKE) and IP protocol 50 (ESP). However the ultimate fix to this is to use a public IP address on your firewall’s external interface. Usage of the NU SSL VPN: Information Technology

May 21, 2020 · Visualize VPN Traffic Using the LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform. VPN monitoring tools, like Juniper’s SSL-VPN solution, is like many VPN solutions when it comes to IT operations and SOC use cases. It can help your team identify what’s normal and spotting what’s abnormal or suspicious and act accordingly.

Configuration Guide - Remote Access VPN Lösungen (VPN However, IPSec ports (UDP 500, UDP 4500 and ESP) could be blocked in some public hotspots or hotel. In that case SSL VPN could help by pass this restriction and allow anywhere access. The patented VPN Path Finder technology is a new remote access technology, developed by NCP. It VPN Configuration Guide Juniper Networks VPN Gateway vpn.example.com Office Network 192. 68. 3.0 / 2 5.2 .0 This guide assumes that the Mac running VPN Tracker already has internet connectivity. The office's NetScreen (or SSG, or ISG) device (the “VPN gateway”) is also already connected to the Internet, and can be accessed through a static IP address or DNS host