There are a couple of different options. I plug my sound in through my computer and/or the computer speakers. To do this you first need to set up your PS3 to play video through HDMI and sound

How to hook up PS3 to computer monitor? | Tom's Hardware Forum Apr 17, 2013 Can I use a single PC monitor to play both PS4 and PC Sure. I have been using a BenQ GW series monitor for exactly this. The PS4 is connected by HDMI, the PC is connected by DisplayPort. The monitor is set to switch to whichever when it wakes up, so all I have to do is power up the PS4 and it takes t

If you want to use your laptop screen for things you do on your PS3, then you will need a male HDMI to male USB cable. Hook the HDMI to the PS3, and the USB to the laptop. You could also do the opposite by switching the cord around. Can you hook up a ps3 to a computer monitor? These two cables will be what you use to connect your console.

May 17, 2010

How can I connect my Playstation 3 to my computer monitor

How to Connect Ps3 to Monitor.: First you need: PS3 monitor(has DVI-D (HDCP) Input) HDMI/ DVI-D (HDCP) cable If you want hear voices you need: RCA cable cable thats other head goes to your speakers and other head to R and L audio of you'r RCA cable Gaming How-To: Connect Your PS3 to a PC Monitor | VariableGHz Jun 29, 2010