May 06, 2016

8 Deadly Indiana Prison Facilities This prison was the former site of the Rockville Air Force Station and is now home to adult women prisoners. It is a medium security prison, though the prisoners' security levels range. Amber Portwood from the shows "Teen Mom" and "16 and Pregnant" is currently housed here for failing to complete court mandated drug testing during her probation. Rise in virus cases in crowded Indian jails prompts May 02, 2020 India's death row prisoners face horrific conditions

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1 The terms "prison" and "jail" are used interchangeably in India, perhaps reflecting the fact that no significant effort is made to separate "undertrials," as those awaiting trial are known, from Features of 5 largest Central Prisons in India Tihar Prison. - The New Delhi-based Tihar prison is the largest prison in South Asia. It is also known … Jails in Indian Country, 2012 Inmates confined in Indian country jails, midyear 2000–2004 and 2007–2012 Note: The Annual Survey of Jails in Indian Country was not conducted in 2005 and 2006. Midyear count is the number of inmates held on the last weekday in June. Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics, Annual Survey of Jails in Indian Country, 2000–2004 and 2007–2012.