Mar 10, 2015

How To Clear App Store History – Here's How It Works! Hiding purchases directly on your iPhone or iPad is the easiest way to delete your App Store history. Remember this will hide your purchases and we cannot provide a guide on how to delete your purchase history on iPhone, as Apple removed this option from the App Store. Just go to the App Store app, select “Today” (bottom left) and tap on How to Delete Purchased App Store History on iPhone Above iTunes 12.3.1, just double-click the app, it will ask if you want to hide this purchase. Clicking this will hide the app from view, but it doesn’t actually erase it permanently from the iPhone. Hiding Apps on the iPhone itself. If you don’t want to go through iTunes to hide the app… How to Delete an App On the iPhone 5 - Solve Your Tech Jan 24, 2017 Delete Apps on iPhone 5/5S/5C: The Step-by-Step - dr.fone

If you share an iPhone or iPad with others, you may wish to keep parts of your iPhone web browsing history private. But what if you forget to turn on Private Browsing? You could clear your entire browsing history, but nothing says "I'm hiding things from you" more effectively than clearing your browsing history. Fortunately, there are options for clearing your Safari history on iPhone selectively.

How to Simply Clear History on iPhone 5s/5/5c. If you use Safari browser in your iPhone 5s/5/5c, follow the below mentioned steps to delete the browsing history. Tap on Settings. Now, scroll down and search for the Safari icon and tap on it.

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