7.2. Domain Name Server (DNS) Configuration and Administration. At my place of employment, we are using Linux as a DNS server. It performs exceptionally well. This section will address configuration of DNS tables for these services using the BIND 8.x package which …

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DNS Check and DNS Report Tools - Comprehensive DNS Tests ABOUT DNS Check. The DNS Check test will run a comprehensive DNS Report for your domain. A DNS lookup is done directly against the root servers (or TLD Servers). Then we query each name server to make sure your DNS Servers all respond, measure their performance and audit the results against common best practices. 28.4. Changing Domain DNS Configuration Red Hat Enterprise The list of configured nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf only contains the IdM server itself when configuration is finished. If the local named service ever crashes, then the IdM server is unable to run and DNS services for the entire domain are no longer available.