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Open up your browser, then with the help of the following data discussed above, open up the web interface and input all the necessary credentials asked in order to reset the password. In case, if you can’t find that web interface then, simply click the basic tab under Setup option, now enter your username and password. The router admin password is used to log in to the router’s web-based setup page. If you are looking for the router admin password, click here. If you are using a Linksys cloud account, click here. There are three (3) important wireless settings on your Linksys router that you need to take note of before connecting to your wireless network: Jan 19, 2013 · The Router part 3 How to change SSID name or wifi network name and password - Duration: 5:24. Learn Windows 10 and Computers 15,012 views

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easiest way to do it. (explaining v5, may be different for other versions) 1. point your browser to 2. enter an admin pass if you set one. 3. click wireless. 4. click wireless security. 5. under security mode, choose one (I use WPA personal) 6. enter the password you want in the WPA shared key. Step 1. Connect the Linksys router to a power bar or wall outlet, and turn it on. Connect your computer to the router by plugging an Ethernet cable into the computer's Ethernet connection and running the other end to one of the four Ethernet ports on the router.

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Jul 13, 2009 · A LinkSys router is perhaps one of easiest routers to set up and therefore is used widely for its user friendliness and compatibility with a lot of systems. The compatibility factor is what is the common ‘link’ between its sales and productivity. To set up the router, first the hardware must be configured. Jul 20, 2020 · 23.So friends, you have learned how to set up a linksys router 24.Thanks for staying with us. Please like, comment and share and subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon for new update.