Aug 17, 2017

Mozilla on Sunday began distributing new Firefox updates to fix a problem that broke extensions for many browser users on Friday. Mozilla had released an update Saturday, but Sunday's fix should Mozilla Builders launches ‘Fix-the-Internet’ incubation Mozilla Builders launches ‘Fix-the-Internet’ incubation programme to help startups build better online ecosystems Mozilla is inviting startups and innovators from India and across the world to Mozilla issues fix after it lets cert expire and Firefox Mozilla over the weekend scrambled to come up with a fix for a bug that crippled most Firefox add-ons. Engineers issued an update for the desktop browser Sunday afternoon that addressed the issue.

Mozilla Firefox Fix and Repair, Mozilla Firefox is one of the popular browsers after Google chrome. It is a favorite browser for web developers as it has many extensions to support development. Mozilla releases their updates for Firefox as it gets newer features.

Refresh Firefox - reset add-ons and settings | Firefox Help Refreshing Firefox can fix many issues by restoring Firefox to its default state, while saving your essential information like bookmarks, and passwords. Important: A Firefox refresh removes add-ons and other customizations, such as extensions , extension data, and preference configurations . Mozilla rolls out emergency Firefox update to fix search

Jul 17, 2020

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