DISTORTING PROXY SERVERS : DISTORTING Proxies are a type of proxy server that will identify itself as a proxy server to a website, but will pass along an incorrect IP address. As well as simple anonymous proxy servers these proxies do not hide the fact that a proxy server is used.

proxy definition: 1. authority given to a person to act for someone else, such as by voting for them in an election…. Learn more. Category:Proxy servers - Wikimedia Commons Jul 18, 2018 WinSip: Simple Windows SIP Proxy download | SourceForge.net Oct 31, 2016 Our Worldwide VPN Server Locations | hide.me Every server stores sensitive cryptographic keys in a temporary storage to minimize attack surface. Furthermore we will never record or monitor your online activities and have a privacy-centric zero-log policy in place. Each of our servers supports a wide range of popular protocols, including OpenVPN, IKEv2 IPsec, SoftEther, and SSTP.

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UK Proxy Server is a free and anonymous web proxy. With the UK Proxy Server you can browse your favorite web sites like facebook, youtube, twitteretc anonymously even from behind a firewall with blocked ports or IPs. Whether you are at work, school, a college university, a public terminal or anywhere else with a web browser only. Great Britain (UK) Open Proxy List sorted by reliability

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Must read: Risks of using a proxy site. 2. Manually change your IP using paid or open proxies. Another option to consider is to change the public IP of your computer/device manually. Next, go to sites that list proxies like XRoxy, find a proxy server from the United Kingdom and then change your browser’s settings to use that proxy.