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Jun 13, 2018 Manage search & watch history - YouTube TV Help You can pause your watch or search history when you do not want your watches or searches to influence future recommendations and search results. For example, if you're researching a topic for a school project that you aren’t personally interested in. Remember to resume your history when you’re done. How to Delete Bing Search History (2020) - YouTube Mar 29, 2015 Clear history of you tube on tv - YouTube

Dec 24, 2006 · You can delete the history of search bar on ur homepage (whatever it is either Yahoo! or Google) by following this path. Tools> internet options> content> auto complete> clear forms. To stop the generation of history uncheck the box of forms.

You can also clear your entire search history, remove individual search entries from search suggestions or pause your search history. A few things to consider: Search entries that you delete will no longer influence your recommendations. After clearing your search history, your past searches will no longer show as suggestions in the search box.

Clear history of you tube on tv - YouTube

Oct 10, 2013 How to Delete Your YouTube Watch History (and Search History) Jul 25, 2018