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Troubleshoot Netflix Problems on Xbox 360 | HubPages Netflix Not Responding on Xbox 360. If Netflix suddenly stops responding on your Xbox 360, the first place you need to check is the Xbox Live Service Status Web page that lists the status of all the apps available in the Xbox Live Marketplace. After navigating to the Web page, scroll down the Xbox Live Status section and check to make sure the Netflix on my 360 doesn't work - PC/Mac/Linux Society Every time I try to watch a movie, it'll just give me a black screen and I have to reset my Xbox or else it's just stuck. I've tried my 360 on multiple TVs so it's not my TV or receiver. Has How do I watch Netflix movies/shows in HD? - Xbox 360 I have it set up for HD, I play all my games in HD. But on Netflix none of the stuff I watch is in HD. (Yes it does show the "HD symbol" on the movies/shows I want to watch I know not all of them are in HD) Do I have to set it up somehow through the dashboard or on the netflix menus? Thanks! Netflix not working on Xbox 360? | Yahoo Answers

Even as it brings waves of new TV and video content to the Xbox 360, the console's latest firmware update appears to have killed the most popular feature of its Netflix app. When Netflix brought

Jan 27, 2011 · Netflix on Xbox 360 not working? All of a sudden when I tried to view a tv show on netflix on the 360 it would say loading and checking connection for awhile and have the 360 swirling little icon thing that means it loading and normally after this happens the little bar would come up and when it was filled the video would start. XBox 360 NetFlix, wont load Netflix on my xbox 360 which is the sim model will not connect to netflix. IT goes to the netflix splash screen and the circles goes on until it says you may not be connected to the internet. Code error is nw-1-19, never seen this before and the last time i logged into netflix on my 360 was probalby a month or so ago. Feb 15, 2017 · How to get FREE Xbox Live on any Xbox 360 Console working 100% on January 2015 - Duration: 6:49. Just Show Me: How to watch Netflix on your Xbox 360 - Duration: 1:45. TeccaTV 7,931 views.

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