How to Fix 'Right click and Send to mail recipient' not

Unified Folders not working - MozillaZine Knowledge Base Feb 20, 2019 How to Import Emails from Thunderbird into Gmail: A Step To import emails from Thunderbird into Gmail is divided into two steps. First, the user has to convert Thunderbird MBOX emails to PST file format. Thunderbird can be configured to work seamlessly with Google's Gmailservice. Messages are synchronized between your local version of Thunderbird and the web-based Gmail. Newer Gmail accounts won't work with Thunderbird 31 and older versions because these versions don't support Google's authentication(bug 849540contains the full technical details).

However, it’s major job is to allow you to send, receive, and manage emails. If one of which stops working, it stops being of any use. And it’s commonly seen, not just with Thunderbird but with many other email clients, that users are not receiving emails as expected in Thunderbird. Troubleshoot – Not Receiving Emails in Thunderbird

Jan 26, 2017 · To use Thunderbird to access your Gmail account, Google will tell you that you must allow “Insecure apps” in your Google security settings. However, since version 38, Thunderbird has supported Oauth2 with Gmail, so you don’t have to enable “Insecure apps”. Google just doesn’t tell you that.

Right click -> Send to -> Mail recipient not working

Managed to get her emails working ok via Windows Mail, using 16 digit password, but really would like to restore the Thunderbird access as it is so easy to use (when working!) I presume this means the account hasn't been locked by Sky, which is encouraging. Thanks again, sorry to be such a duffer! Password not remembered - Thunderbird - MozillaZine Jul 24, 2019