Mar 07, 2016

Mar 24, 2020 Dragon Ball Streaming Location--How To Stream DBZ, Broly May 20, 2020 Best xBox 360 App for anime? | I know Funimation has a trial that I can do first and the fee isn't too bad. Then I tell you about my experience with all three plus Netflix. They all got apps that works great on the Xbox 360 and also other consoles, if one wants to reach other region content that's also possible very easily with unblockus. FUNimation Entertainment Launches On Playstation®4

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r/funimation - Sorry! This video is for Premium Mar 20, 2014 Funimation Now Lets You Stream Anime with a 14-Day Free

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Review title of Leadrous So much better for Xbox!. As an anime lover I watch litterally hundreds of episodes a year and Funimation is my favorite for english dubs. I was using the Edge app to stream via the Funimation website onto my TV via my Xbox1 but the interface was less than ideal for consoles. @Sebasti73537406 @FUNimation I have a problem with using the Funimation app on Xbox because every time I watch a episode it turns off my controller and also sometimes it’s says I have to subscribe when I’m already subscribed.I’m hoping you guys can update the app on Xbox